Welcome friends and family!


Thank you for taking the time to visit our Baby Fund Registry. As most of you already know, we've spent the last few years making our house a home together. As you can imagine, we are good to go in the home essentials department. We have, however, been told that we are not allowed to go without a registry of some sort...so we are sticking with the non-traditional theme here with our registry...


(Here comes the non-traditional part..)

As a handful of you also know, we have started the process of exploring our options to start a family. Nothing would fill our hearts more full, than making our family of two a family of three. No, we are not asking for swimmer donations at the wedding (we aren't THAT non-traditional)...but this process will be lengthy and the costs will add up. As part of donating to our cause, we promise to keep you posted on our journey. We appreciate you considering to support our very special dream. 


With love and gratitude,


Alex & Tara

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